AT LAST, A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in yoke mount design ... the first and only yoke mounting clipboard that holds charts, Jepp plates and NOS books too ... it's like having an extra hand in the cockpit! ... LETS YOU FLY HEADS UP -- holds your flight plan, chart, folded-back approach plate book or Airport Facility Directory up in the instrument scan where you need it, plus your timer on top and your calculator below to be instantly flipped for use ... When calculator is in use, clipboard provides a sun-shield for easy read out of computations ... Engineered by professionals ... Quick-Clamp is stable -- won't jar or jump out of place in turbulence; doesn/t impede yoke travel ... and the whole unit can be quickly detached and folded for storage -- great for renters."                                                                                 (from ad by AOPA in PILOT MAGAZINE)

"Most of us have had the experience of going through the frustration of trying to figure out what to do with the instrument approach plates when making an approach ... Autel's Quick-Clamp ... solved -- (the) -- problem...
... IT'S SAFER TOO! In an ongoing arguement with the NTSB, the FAA says that ... 'recognition and avoidance of stalls should be taught rather than requiring actual spin experience.' An FAA report recommends the best way to avoid stall/spin: 'For IFR, keep the eyes moving from instrument instrument so as to get a complete picture of the aircraft's status' .. 'Scanning is equally important for VFR flying' ... 'A good scan pattern should take the pilot's attention from the left horizon to the instrument panel to the right horizon and back at least once every fifteen seconds' ... 'Frequent scanning is vital to the pilot's safety during approach and landing.' A Quick-Clamp for putting reference directly under your panel/sky scan offers the least scan deviation possible when you need to check a navigation rererence."                      (from the National Association of Flight Instuctors Newsletter)

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